Amor, Sensuales, Supra-sexo

Your Name 37

Love love,
Do not be late
In this process
Your positive feeling!
Shelter in your hands
The love of light,
Inventor of my zen.
Love love,
Up, my breath,
Can pronounce
Your name.
Love love,
Frees my soul
Of his infernal madness,
From the burden of suffering,
From the torn graves
That you give yourself!
Love love,
Take care of my heart
Therefre as he loves you,
Without exploration!
Love love,
Say yes to my soul
That is behind you,
With his confusion
With the startles
That you mark yourself!
You every time
More invisible
Every day,
More lost,
Love love
Penetrate my life,
In this evening
From my temple!
Love love,
Play with me,
In the infinite pool,
Of the creed of me song!
Sing poems
Next to me
With your spontaneous verses,
Those same verses
That I keep for you!
My love…

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