My friend

My imaginary friend,

Shelter from my childhood,

By your side yesterday, today,

Hope of my mind,

Your charisma, smiling,

Overflows my world of dreams

With your games, with your hugs,

With your creations…

Happy for that beautiful


And today I need your help

As in those years,

In our history of brothers,

I need your help,

I can not anymore,

I will certify your miracle,

It was my choking,

Out of my discouragement

It was my tear

End your lethargy:

For them, you are not real…

Only fruit of my state,

I do not believe it,

My imaginary friend,

With your presence

You would save me, exactly.

And to my maze,

The ropes,

I he give it a name

A long name,


And now my life

Without headlight,

With my friend the sadness

And despair my soul

In a, black babble,

Runaway with horror abandoned

Out of orbit,

Lost in a North fallacy,

And shook my mind

For this inhuman world,

With elephants

And with brow bears…

They cover all the asphalt.

And my city of gray

In your search,

My own deception,

My imaginary friend

My outstanding friend

My dreamy friend

My imaginary friend

And with my elephants whites,

And wilh my bears brow

In a ghost town,

So weird, too much…

And in my mental state

I demacro,

With a bitter diagnosis.

And, you, light of my childhood,

Come again,

My imaginary friend,

My reality,

Of course, of course.

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