Looking af the sea

Your  hands on the sea
With sweetness of the clearing,
Wide operations,
Amber from my darkness.
With your creative elf,
With real hugs,
With the verb of love,
With light of your heart
And with folklore of mine,
Stunned we melted
In the salt of the ocean,
Wild natures
With insurmountable pearls,
Intangible to oblivion.
And with my golden rope,
In a magical ascent
I screw myself to your hands
At the beginning of your crying,
At the end of your crying
At the end of your ordeal,
To your alpha, to your omega.
Explosion of our love;
Now the seas tremble.
Breathe ethereal
With breaths of salvation;
Now the seas whistle.
My love, together you and me
Ringing in this sea
And the dreamer’s sky,
Symphony of dreaming.

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