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Sublime silence

What tears

With this sad agony,

With this load of pain,

So big,

Between breath

And breath,

From end to beginning

Of my existence.

And, between white clouds,

Images of my life,

A walk through my memories,

For my accomplished acts,

A walk through my memories,

For my unrealized acts,

And everything close to me

And everything in front of me,

In a mirror.

And dying

Participantes of my experiences

And my exhausted senses,

Limbic senses.

And I observe

My inner world,

I’m not coming back

To my outside world


I can’t anymore!

And I walk towards my being.

And my body,

On an expiration,

He freezes with a sigh.

And my new strength,


Towards higher energy.

And, all my movements,

Already, at another extreme,

In my inner world.

And, there, to my amazement,

My new life springs,

In front of a path,

For him I fly

Between white feathers

Of velvet.

And, already, in another dimension,

I leave this word,

I continue my flight.

And in the distance,

When I go

Regrets! Lamentations!

For a duel,

My own mourning.

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