After recreating myself
In my experiences with you.
After giving you
Round an round
Like a grandfather
In his last nights
Of life,
Of comfort…
After all that,
My confrontation
To pain from loss
Unexpected, wild,
To a devouring loss,
Like corrosive woodworm.
And then…
The failure of my life!
With the tear, fair,
From my mind.
And, with my body,
To drift,
Improvised baton.
And, I just wish,
A blessing in my spirit,
To repair me.
And, I just wish,
The return to my state
Weightless of regrets:
To my talisman state!
To those fervent afternoons!
To my joy! To my singing!
To my worthy life!
Despite… What, you,
You tell me.

2 comments on “Talisman

  1. Lovely!👏

    Le gusta a 2 personas


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