Amor Desamor


You peck at my soul
With nocturnal
I am your horse
I look with guile,
From my stable…
So different from yours!
My little cabin
And my flights
To your seas,
I open wide.
And my flights do not die…
In the void,
They do not die…
I forget the loving you.
I have become
Of steel,
Your flight ocean,
Looking, a breath,
Your horizon
And seeing you,
I am dust,
I insert into your pores.
And I join you,
Since I saw you, lost,
This firmament,
With relief
My death,
With my slow days,
With my black nights,
With my background, so painful,
With your battles expired,
With lost mine
And with ours, not made.
So stay away from me,
I will, with your love,
In raw,
Die in this,
My last battle.
Goodbye my love,

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