And, without distinction,
Between the fantasy
To possess you
And the reality
To lose you
My mind roars
Towards a state
Stunned, madness
Thanks for your walks
For all my places,
For all my hiding places,
Those hiding places
That I reveal to no one
Only you…
You know my body!
You know my mind!
You know my heart!
You know my soul!
And, the suffering
For your love,
Mutilate each part
Tiny of my being,
It relegates me in my pain,
To a drow ning pain
And I don’t stop this
Not even with the melodies
From the sout hein seas,
And I wander in darkness
In the worst of hell,
For your loss
And I can’t find
And I don’t walk happily
By no mears.
And I’m coming
On my own
For a walk,
For my empty days
And I’m coming
With disappointment,
With grief, alone.
And I already know
That you are not
Here with me,
In my world
And I already know
What hove you missed
In other worlds.
And so I carry
So many lives,
I don’t even tell them
Not to notice
Of the enormous,
Of the eternal,
Thas has become,
My conviction.

2 comments on “Pain

  1. sometimes pain is all what is left…Besos al vacío

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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